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White Effect Facial

The White Effect Facial is an exclusive treatment designed to offer a dual benefit of hydrating and whitening for your skin. Our expert therapists have meticulously crafted this facial to improve the distribution of moisture in your skin, ensuring optimal hydration. Additionally, the facial's powerful antioxidant properties work to trap free radicals caused by sun exposure, which helps lighten your skin tone, leaving it rosy and brightened.

How White Effect Facial works

The White Effect Facial is a transformative and rejuvenating treatment designed to achieve a dual effect of both hydrating and whitening your skin. With meticulous care and expert techniques, this facial works to improve moisture distribution, harness antioxidant properties, and lighten your skin tone, leaving it rosy and brightened.

The facial commences with a thorough deep cleansing process to remove impurities, excess oil, and debris from the skin's surface. This cleansing step prepares your skin for better product absorption. If needed, an exfoliation process may follow to slough off dead skin cells, revealing a smoother and more radiant complexion.

Benefits of White Effect Facial


Hydrating and Whitening

Double Effect


Lightening and Brightening


Improved Moisture Distribution


Antioxidant Protection

White Effect Facial FAQs

Who is the White Effect Facial suitable for?

The White Effect Facial is suitable for all skin types. Whether you have dry, oily, sensitive, or combination skin, you can benefit from this treatment's hydrating and whitening effects.

How does the facial achieve both hydration and whitening?

The facial uses advanced skincare technology and a customized blend of ingredients to deeply hydrate the skin, leaving it plump and supple. It also incorporates whitening properties that work to lighten skin tone and reduce dark spots and pigmentation.


Is the treatment safe for sensitive skin?

Yes, the White Effect Facial is formulated to be safe for sensitive skin. Our skilled estheticians are trained to provide gentle and nurturing care, ensuring a comfortable experience for all skin types.

How often should I get the White Effect Facial?

For optimal results, we recommend regular sessions of the White Effect Facial. The frequency depends on your skin's specific needs and concerns. Our spa therapists can offer personalized recommendations during your consultation.

Is there any downtime after the facial?

No, there is minimal to no downtime after the White Effect Facial. You can resume your daily activities immediately after the treatment. However, we advise avoiding direct sun exposure and using sunscreen for added protection.

Can I combine the White Effect Facial with other treatments?

Yes, you can certainly combine the White Effect Facial with other spa services offered at Balik Kampung Spa. Our spa therapists can create a customized spa experience tailored to your preferences and skincare goals.

How long will the results last?

The duration of the results varies based on individual skin conditions and lifestyle factors. To maintain the benefits of the White Effect Facial, we recommend regular skincare routines and periodic follow-up treatments.

Is the White Effect Facial suitable for men? Absolutely! The White Effect Facial is suitable for both men and women. Everyone can enjoy the nourishing and brightening effects of this revitalizing treatment.

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