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Best Facial Treatment in Singapore

best facial treatment in Singapore

Balik Kampung

One of the best facial treatment in Singapore services that Balik Kampung Spa offers is the Balinese Facial. This is a 60-minute treatment that uses natural ingredients such as rice, honey, cucumber and yoghurt to cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturise the skin. The best facial treatment in Singapore also includes a relaxing face massage and a mask to nourish and rejuvenate the skin. The Balinese Facial costs $88 for a single session, or $440 for a package of six sessions. Another best facial treatment in Singapore that Balik Kampung Spa offers is the Organic Facial. This is a 75-minute treatment that uses organic products from the Australian brand Organic Spa. The products are certified organic, vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly. The best facial treatment in Singapore is customised according to the skin type and condition of the client, and includes a deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, massage, mask and moisturiser. The Organic Facial costs $108 for a single session, or $540 for a package of six sessions.

Skin Pple

Skin Pple's interactive facials are said to be the first of their kind in Singapore. These facials mix cutting-edge skin technology with visual and aural aspects to create an otherworldly experience for clients. After learning about the therapies, which go by the names Chasing Rainbows and Star Gazing, we couldn't wait to give them a shot. We decided to go with the Chasing Rainbows facial, which is a treatment that not only revitalises the skin but also the body and soul. Our esthetician tossed a weighted blanket over us after we had settled up for the night and made ourselves comfortable on the bed. Together with the soothing music and meditative images that were projected on the ceiling, all of that took us to a tranquil haven. Before each step of the process, our esthetician briefed us and discussed each product that would be applied to our skin. One of the standout products is called Chasing Rainbows Illuminating Enzyme Mask. It is a mild face peel that contains pumpkin enzyme and has antioxidant and exfoliating effects. After that, an oxygenated jet is used to wash and clear the skin, and then a triple ultrasound that tightens and promotes collagen regeneration is performed after that. Following the calming facial, we were shown to the vanity area, which is stocked with everything from makeup to a lint roller, so that we could perform a last-minute touch-up before leaving the establishment.

Aesop Facial Appointment

Aesop Facial Appointment, in Singapore which is the third location in Asia following those in Hong Kong and Tokyo, has been given great attention to the noises and smells throughout the space, much like the company's famed apothecary boutiques. Although you can expect the therapist to adjust the steps and products used to your skin's needs following an in-depth assessment, this treatment facility has been deliberately created and offers six individualised facial treatments meant to stimulate and intensively nourish your skin by Aesop in Singapore. These best facial treatment in Singapore are designed to leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and glowing. Because there is room for only one customer at a time, we strongly recommend scheduling your appointment in advance. The spa is able to accommodate up to four sessions each day.

Attempt at a treatment The Parsley Seed Intensive is an ultimate pampering anti-oxidant treatment that costs between $150 and $180 for 60 to 75 minutes. It transforms the well-liked Parsley Seed product line into a therapy. Your skin will be thoroughly washed, then gently exfoliated, and finally intensively hydrated with Aesop's distinctive Parsley Seed Extract, which helps to combat the negative effects of urban pollution and prolonged exposure to air conditioning. You will have the opportunity to purchase this extract when the treatment is complete. It is the kind of facial in which you lie down, go off to sleep, and wake up with a radiant complexion. There are no machines or other tools involved. It is appropriate for the monthly maintenance that is required for all types of skin.

best facial treatment in Singapore

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By performing a diagnosis at the outset of the session, Astalift in Singapore removes any element of uncertainty regarding the most effective best facial treatment in Singapore for your skin. Corinne, my beauty therapist, analysed the photos obtained from a facial skin analysis machine in order to identify any issues with my skin. Now that my skin was prepped, I was ready for the Multi-modal Accelerated Skin Rejuvenation facial, which would reduce the appearance of wrinkle lines, enhance collagen production, and restore elasticity.After using a bubble cleanser, the innovative AMS (Aqua Microjet System) then cleaned my pores in a comprehensive manner by delivering forceful jets of fine mist and regulated suction. After that, Corinne administered brief pulses of ultrasonic energy all around my jawline and cheeks using a probe called an Optimal Energy Delivery probe, followed by a device called a Deep Energy Delivery probe. She went on to explain that this technology delivers a rapid and noticeable firming and tightening of the skin. The following step consisted of a combination of therapies designed to encourage natural cell regeneration, hydration, and brightness of the skin. She began by applying a mask made of moisturising elastomer and tri-functional collagen, and then she subjected her face to cryotherapy in order to boost the brightening effects and seal in the moisture. She massaged my shoulders, neck, and scalp while I waited for my skin to fully absorb all of the beneficial ingredients. It was quite calming. The Astalift products were the cherry on top, as they were specifically selected to go along with the therapy. Because of the pampering, my skin looked radiant. In addition to this, the effect of elevating my spirits was almost instantaneous and continued for about a week.


Even if we prefer to believe that acne is a sign of youth, it is nevertheless annoying when new zits appear shortly before an important event, such as a date with a beautiful stranger or a presentation at work. Treating the cause of your acne with EstheClinic's acne and scar removal therapy is a better option than searching for a quick solution to your problem in Singapore. Through the utilisation of non-thermal, red and blue light technologies, the best facial treatment in Singapore will rid your skin of the germs that cause acne. Acne-causing bacteria are eradicated along with them, and the surrounding tissue is spared in the process. Did we mention that it is completely painless? All the way to your destination, you'll be treated like a VIP. Even though it takes around eight to twelve sessions to clean up the acne and renew the skin, our dull faces clearly appeared more vibrant a few days following our first session. And even after a few weeks have passed, we are not ashamed to show off our glow.

Korean Beauty Centre

The well-known field of Korean skincare served as the source of inspiration for the creation of the Korean Beauty Centre in Singapore, which provides treatments that are both individualised and authentic. Since it first welcomed members of the general public more than 10 years ago, this facility has rapidly grown to accommodate a diverse spectrum of customers. Enjoy a full face and neck treatment as well as a massage with the "Facial Skin Care" option, which costs $110. The Korean Beauty Centre is dedicated to offering individualised treatments that specifically target the areas of concern for each client.The 'Lymphatic Korean Kyung-rak Facial' can be had for $130 and is one of the most well-liked services offered at the Korean Beauty Centre in Singapore. Enjoy a complete skincare treatment that lasts for an hour and a half and includes a massage, as well as a washing and a masking step. This therapy is an excellent option for you to consider if you have concerns regarding pigmentation as well as fine wrinkles. To put the cherry on top, you'll also receive a complimentary session to have your eyebrows shaped. Be sure to show off that glowing skin and those gorgeous brows. "Acne Treatment" is a $150 service that will help you get rid of that rocky road with its all-encompassing therapy. Skin that causes problems might be difficult to treat, but Korean Beauty Centre in Singapore is convinced that they can provide you with individualised treatment choices that will cleanse, treat, and hydrate your skin!

Theresa Beauty

Theresa Beauty is one of the most highly regarded medi-spas in Singapore, and their services include massage, slimming, and beauty treatments. They have more than 30 years of experience, and they are adamant in their belief that true beauty comes from within. The therapies take a holistic approach to treat both the inside and the outside of the body in order to achieve optimal results.Theresa Beauty in Singapore is well-known for the effective treatments that they offer for acne as well as sensitive skin. They promote something called "Organic Slimming," which is an approach to losing weight that is entirely natural and organic. When combined with the most cutting-edge slimming technologies, which Theresa is proud to provide its clients, as well as the creation of a wide range of organic diets that incorporate the company's juices, clients may enjoy the full benefits of internal and external weight management, which include a radiance effect on their complexion.

Sugar K Organic Peel

In a hurry but still want to look your best? Then you should give Sugar K's Organic Peel Treatment a shot in Singapore! You only need twenty minutes, but you get results that are practically identical to those of an hour-long facial. The key to its success is a glycolic acid peel derived from sugar cane, which works to resurface the skin while also helping to exfoliate it in a way that is not too harsh. Additionally, the production of sebum may be controlled, pores can be unclogged, and the skin's general texture can be refined with the help of this express facial.

Caring Skin

Caring Skin in Singapore is extremely proud of its status as the face spa in Singapore that has received the most number of awards and has received the best reviews. It first opened its doors in 2013, and since then, it has garnered a growing clientele thanks to the individualised best facial treatment in Singapore that are offered by its highly qualified and seasoned aestheticians. Caring Skin is well-known for its utilisation of components derived from plants in conjunction with cutting-edge technology to treat a variety of skin issues that affect both men and women. Caring Skin also makes use of cutting-edge skin analysis technology in order to develop your individual skin profile and provide you with the most effective skin care products possible.

Trimmings: Facial Spa

We offer the best facial treatment in Singapore spa called Trimmings. This luxurious spa and salon, which was founded by the gifted Amanda Ong, is dedicated to helping you reveal your natural beauty in the most natural and uncomplicated way possible. They provide a selection of facials, some examples of which include the Radiance Facial, the Decleor Aromaplasty, the Intense Nutrition Facial, and the Oxy Diamond Facial with Collagen Masque.The following are some of the best facial treatment in Singapore that are offered at Trimmings:

The Oxygen Facial is a treatment that lasts for one hour and consists of applying pure oxygen and serums to the skin in order to moisturise, brighten, and plump it. In addition, there is a light exfoliation, extraction, massage, and mask included in the facial. A single session of the Oxygen Facial will set you back $150, while purchasing a package of six sessions will cost you $750.

The IPL Facial is a treatment that uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to target numerous skin issues, such as pigmentation, acne, wrinkles, and redness. The treatment lasts for a total of seventy-five minutes. In addition, a washing, exfoliation, extraction, massage, and mask are all components of the facial. The cost of a single session of the IPL Facial is $180, while the cost of a bundle of six treatments is $900.

The Organic Spa Facial is a treatment that lasts for an hour and a half and makes use of organic ingredients made by the Australian firm Organic Spa. The items have received certification as organic and are also cruelty-free, vegan, and environmentally friendly. The client's skin type and condition are taken into consideration when customising the facial, which consists of a thorough washing, exfoliation, extraction, massage, mask, and moisturiser application. A single session of the Organic Spa Facial will set you back $200, but purchasing a bundle of six sessions would cost you $1,000.

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