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3 Tips To Enhance Your Beauty With Eyebrow Embroidery at Balikkampung

To a large extent, our eyebrows are responsible for framing our faces and contributing to our overall attractiveness. Nevertheless, not everyone is blessed with naturally thick and well-defined brows due to their genetics and maybe luck as well. The answer to achieving perfect brows that fit the current beauty standard is through eyebrow embroidery, which is a semi-permanent method of achieving the desired effect by using only a few tools . 

In this article, we are going to discuss 3 suggestions that will help you to polish your attractiveness through eyebrow embroidery, which will provide you with the beautiful arches that you have always dreamt of having.

1. What Eyebrow Embroidery Truly Is? 

It is necessary to first get an understanding of what eyebrow embroidery consists of before moving on to the tips. Embroidery of the eyebrows is a semi-permanent cosmetic method that includes tattooing colour into the skin using a thin blade or needle. This technique is also known as microblading or feathering. The result of this method is hair strokes that seem to be natural as it is designed to resemble the appearance of actual eyebrow hairs.

As opposed to standard eyebrow tattoos, eyebrow embroidery produces brows that are more subtle and realistic. The lasting effect of the eyebrow embroidery may range anywhere from one to three years, depending on the kind of skin you have and the aftercare routine that you follow. People who want to fill in sparse brows, reshape their arches, or rectify their asymmetrical brows often use this method as it is a popular recommendation among beauty experts.  Not to mention, the fact that it lasts longer than just drawing your brows with a makeup pencil, yet at the same time, does not last long like a tattoo is.  It also means that you don't have to worry about living with a tattoo that you will probably regret in the future.

2. Choose A Specialist Who Is Both Qualified And Experienced 

When it comes to eyebrow embroidery, it is quite important to carefully choose the appropriate specialist. It is important to look for technicians or artists that are capable of doing eyebrow embroidery techniques and have a significant amount of expertise in the field. It is important for them to have a portfolio that displays their prior work and demonstrates their ability to create brows that seem natural and are well defined.

You should talk to the technician about the form, colour, and general appearance of your brows that you want to achieve during your appointment. For the purpose of creating the ideal brows that compliment your attractiveness and improve your facial structure, a highly skilled specialist will evaluate your facial characteristics, skin tone, and hair colour in order to meet your specific needs.

3. Be Rigid With The Aftercare Routines

After having eyebrow embroidery done, it is vital to follow the correct aftercare guidelines in order to guarantee that the results are excellent and that they will last as long as possible. Specific instructions will be provided to you by your technician; nevertheless, the following are some basic recommendations that you should bear in mind:

  • In order to allow the pigment to settle on the brows, you should refrain from getting your brows wet for the first few days.

  • To avoid dryness and flaking, it is vital to keep your brows moisturized with the ointment or serum that is prescribed.  You might also want to use a natural aloe vera gel to soothe the discomfort.

  • Avoid activities that might cause the colour to fade prematurely, including  excessive sun exposure, swimming, saunas, and any other activities that involve sweating and the heat.

  • Refrain from plucking or scratching your brows since doing so may be detrimental to the healing process and lead to uneven colour retention.

Moreover, it  is advised for you to do touch-ups on your eyebrow embroidery every 12 to 18 months in order to keep the colour intensity and freshness of your eyebrows as brand new.

At Balikkampung, we offer various services for your desired eyebrow embroidery.   With our skilled and experienced technicians, we promise you satisfaction in achieving natural brows that enhance your overall appearance!  It includes: 

For more information on our eyebrow embroidery services, visit us here now! 

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