Priya Reddy

Balik Kampung Spa Testimonial
I had a awesomeeeee time at Balik Kampung..thank u for the refreshing barbor facial, sea salt lavender scrub which made my skin so soft and the kampong aromatherapy massage followed by the champagne & the rochers...i feel so pampered and recharged..ready to rockz...time and money well spent..

Vivian Chua

Balik Kampung Spa Testimonial

It is super cosy here and I feel at home with all the wooden furnishing around. It’s different from the normal spas being posh looking... Balik Kumpung’s environment makes me feel more relaxing and at ease. I love how meticulous they are in handling customers. We get to choose the type of oil, the type of massaging methods we want (fast or slow) and where we want our massages to focus on. Something which I’ve not experienced in my previous spa experiences. See Vivian's blog here.

Nira Chan

Balik Kampung Spa Testimonial

I felt revitalized right after the facial, fresher and more radiant complexion. Aside from the satisfying services they provide and friendly therapists, I pretty much like their ambience. It’s cozy yet comfortable. You should really try their massage at least! Amazingly effective. See Nira's blog here.


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