Pre-Natal Massage

Price:S$ 98

Pre-natal massage reduces swelling, back and nexk pain, improves lower back and abdominal muscle tone. By giving special attention to the mother-to-be, she in turn nurtures the new life that grows within her. From second trimester onwards.

Promo @ $73.50 is available for first trial.

Package promo:

12 sessions @ $838


Double Relaxation Massage Spa Treatment and Massage

Double Relaxation Massage

Price:S$ 120

Relax with a 60mins Aromatherapy Massage and we will double up your relaxation experience with a free Body Scrub. [90mins]

Aromatherapeutic Massage Spa Treatment and Massage

Aromatherapeutic Massage

Price:S$ 98
  • Deep tissue massage to relax aching muscles and knots in the body. Aids in body natural healing process and enhances functionability. [60 mins]