Ear Candling

Price:S$ 65

Ear candling also known as 'ear coning' is a method that removes earwax & toxins from a persons ears. The process involves placing a hollowed candle in the canal of the ear & then lighting it. The subsequent rising warm air then extracts toxins & wax. [30min]

Ear Candling looks to remove blockages within the ear canal without the need for syringes or solutions. The Ear Candling practitioner uses special spiral shaped cones made of natural fibres, beeswax, herbs and essential oils. The spiral shape of the cone causes air to be pulled down into the ear. 

As it burns, the cone's ingredients turn to vapour and the airflow creates a vibrational effect. Warmth, vibration and vapour massage the ear canal breaking down any blockages. Wax, toxins and impurities are then drawn out by suction from the heat and vacuum effect of the burning cone. 

Ear Candling also stimulates the ear's circulatory system and upper lymph system aiding the body's natural healing responses.


Back & Shoulder Massage Spa Treatment and Massage

Back & Shoulder Massage

Price:S$ 55

A quick reflief to back and shoulder aches, work stress and mental fatigue. [30 mins]

Bosom Buddies Bust Firming and Lifting Treatment Spa Treatment and Massage

Bosom Buddies Bust Firming and Lifting Treatment

Price:S$ 98

Beautifies your bosom by shaping, firming, boosting, toning and uplifting through a focused massage treatment and the application of a specially formulated bust contour serum. [60 mins]