Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment

Price:S$ 58

Regular skin-regenerating eye treatments are a must to prevent premature ageing by smoothing and firming the skin areas around the eyes, whilst making dark rings, wrinkles, puffy eyes and eye bags fade away. [30mins]

Why Do People Get Our Eye Treatment Facial?

Our acclaimed skin-regenerating intensive eye treatment restores collagen production, quickly strengthens elasticity of connective tissues and capillaries and supports micro-circulation around the eyes. 

The anti-ageing algae eye mask, comprising a 1000-metre algae spirulina, replenishes moisture with a firming after-feel. Pomegranate and aloe vera extracts, hyaluronic acid and radical-trapping ingredients triple-moisture the skin around eyes with long-lasting effects. 

Suitable for all skin types and contact lens-wearer (dermatologist and ophthalmologist-tested).


Power Hydro Facial Spa Treatment and Massage

Power Hydro Facial

Price:S$ 148

This totally hydrating facial supplies intensive moisture and maintains the cycle that regulates the skin's moisture balance. Suitable for all skin types especially dehydrated skin. [90 mins]

Energizing Facial Enhanced Spa Treatment and Massage

Energizing Facial Enhanced

Price:S$ 226

Get an Energizing Oxygen Facial free upgraded with Anti-Wrinkles Eye Treatment worth $58. [120mins]