Body Spa Treats

Body Spa Treatment

Pamper yourself with our relaxing body massages to soothe away your stress and leave you blissfully calm and rejuvenated!

Body Scrub Spa Treatment and Massage

Body Scrub

Price:S$ 40

Exfoliating and revitalising. Body scrub treatment removes dead skin cell and impurities. It simulates circulation to keep your skin healthy and smooth. [30min]

Ear Candling Spa Treatment and Massage

Ear Candling

Price:S$ 65

Ear candling also known as 'ear coning' is a method that removes earwax & toxins from a persons ears. The process involves placing a hollowed candle in the canal of the ear & then lighting it. The subsequent rising warm air then extracts toxins & wax. [30min]

Far Infrared Sauna Spa Treatment and Massage

Far Infrared Sauna

Price:S$ 50

Promote sweating, smooth skin and body detox.[20min]

Bosom Buddies Bust Firming and Lifting Treatment Spa Treatment and Massage

Bosom Buddies Bust Firming and Lifting Treatment

Price:S$ 98

Beautifies your bosom by shaping, firming, boosting, toning and uplifting through a focused massage treatment and the application of a specially formulated bust contour serum. [60 mins]

Post-Natal Massage Spa Treatment and Massage

Post-Natal Massage

Price:S$ 98

Post-natal massage focuses on helping to restore the woman's body to its pre-pregnancy condition by retraining muscles and connective tissues. [60 mins]

Pre-Natal Massage Spa Treatment and Massage

Pre-Natal Massage

Price:S$ 98

Pre-natal massage reduces swelling, back and nexk pain, improves lower back and abdominal muscle tone. By giving special attention to the mother-to-be, she in turn nurtures the new life that grows within her. From second trimester onwards.

Promo @ $73.50 is available for first trial.

Back & Shoulder Massage Spa Treatment and Massage

Back & Shoulder Massage

Price:S$ 55

A quick reflief to back and shoulder aches, work stress and mental fatigue. [30 mins]