Our Accreditation

Balik Kampung Spa and Massage Case Trust AccreditationWe are a Casetrust accredited spa. Ensure peace of mind with our protection scheme for your existing spa package!

With effect from 1 July 2011, all Spa and Wellness businesses applying for CaseTrust accreditation for Spa and Wellness Businesses will be required to have in place insurance facilities to insure consumers. This is compulsory for spa businesses which sell pre-paid packages to consumers.

As a CaseTrust accredited spa, we are certified to have in place the following consumer-friendly policies to protect you:

  • Insurance Coverage for Pre-paid Packages
    Consumers signing up for the pre-paid treatment packages can be assured that the value of their un-utilized sessions will be insured, with documentation and real-time verification of their insurance coverage provided.
  • 5-day Cooling-Off Period
    Our consumers enjoy a cooling-off period of at least 5 working days to seek full refund of payments made for spa packages if they do not wish to proceed with the services offered. The 5-day cooling-off period offers recourse for consumers who have been pressured into signing up. This cooling-off period is not applicable for trial sessions whereby the treatment have been utilised.
  • Stress-Free Treatment
    You can be assured of a relaxing and stress-free treatment because of a 'No Selling' policy once you enter the treatment room.
  • Clear Fee Policies
    We have clearly articulated and documented policies on charges and refunds.  These are fully disclosed to customers and adhered to according to the terms and conditions of the sales contract.
  • Well-Defined Business Practices and Systems
    Besides good business practices and systems, we have a redress system with proper and clearly defined dispute resolution mechanisms for the business and customers. 
  • Well-Trained Personnel
    Our trained sales staff do not practice unethical sales tactics and are able to provide good customer service.

So come home to Balik Kampung, your neighbourhood spa!